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Our Board-Certified Physicians will review your information and conduct an online consultation to provide weight loss treatment appropriate for you.

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Based on your medical history, our physicians may prescribe GLP-1 agonist medications included in your subscription such as Wegovy® upto 2.4mg dosage pen.

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Accelerates Weight Loss and Helps Keep Weight Off

Helps to Regulate Appetite and Caloric Intake

Improves Blood Pressure and Cholestrol Levels

Lowers Blood Sugar

GLP-1 medications are powerful incretin mimetics with the potential to help regulate blood glucose levels. By activating GLP-1 receptors in beta cells, they stimulate insulin release and reduce glucagon production for better metabolic control. They also slow gastric emptying and increase satiety - making this agent an all-rounder when it comes to glycemic management.

While originally approved for blood sugar lowering in patients with diabetes, it was found that these medications help people significantly lose weight and also have other health benefits. They work in multiple areas of the body to regulate everything from appetite to how calories are processed in the body.